5 Tips for You to Make Money on Amazon

There are a number of platforms online that you can sell your individual products and make money. They all have great potential and primarily meet

There are a number of platforms online that you can sell your individual products and make money. They all have great potential and primarily meet some sort of niche. When it comes down to it if you decide to take the leap you need to know how to make money on Amazon. 

We have 5 tips for you to give you some insight into how to best make money selling on Amazon. 

Blog Away

Amazon has an affiliate program that provides individual sales links to people. These links allow the owner of that link to make a commission off of any sales placed through that link. 

It’s great! You share about products and recommend them through your blog and you get a simple commission. Of course, this works best if you develop a following and get people connected to what you are sharing. 

You can share a variety of content options and integrate your individual item link and start earning money simply by sharing. 

Private Label Items through Amazon FBA Services

Private label simply means you took a product and made it your own with a logo that ties the product to you. This could be any number of things but essentially it makes the item your brand. 

Then you list your private-label items and utilize Amazon’s FBA services. This is a great way to earn with Amazon. And the best part is Amazon takes care of the hardest parts of storage, packing, shipping, and returns for you as part of the service. 

Sign Up for Delivery

Forget trying to make money selling on Amazon and just sign up to deliver for Amazon. In certain areas, Amazon has its own delivery services and they always need drivers. 

Drivers are paid an hourly wage, which varies by location and various other aspects of the job. The shifts are short and sweet. This means you have the potential to earn upwards of $100 per workday as an Amazon fleet driver. 

It’s a sweet gig if you’re looking for information on how to make money with Amazon. 

Turn-Around Retail Products

If you’re not sure what you want to sell, you can purchase popular items and turn around and sell those on Amazon. This isn’t the most ideal solution but you would be surprised how many people on Amazon get their start by following a process like this. 

You purchase a bulk amount of these items from your local retails stores and turn around and list them with a mark-up on Amazon. This gets you a customer base and starts you on the path to making money on Amazon. 

This can become challenging because smart shoppers look around for the best price and you may have trouble selling a product that is marked up. However, if you choose your products wisely you just might find yourself successfully selling retail items on Amazon. 

Become an Amazon Employee at Home

With Amazon being a web-based business, they have a vast majority of people that have learned how to make money on Amazon from the comfort of their homes. These individuals have become representatives for Amazon and represent a large percentage of the employee body of the company 

This gig will never pay a substantial paycheck but if you’re looking for something to just add a little extra income into your home, this is a great opportunity. Primarily, Amazon reps work with data entry and customer service protocols. The best part is, you can do the job in your PJs. 

Amazon adapted a $15 per hour minimum wage so you’re guaranteed to make a decent wage for this gig. 

make money selling on amazon


If you’re interested in how to make money on Amazon, these are just 5 of the best tips available for you to look into. You can choose what appeals to you and you have many options apart from what’s listed here. 

Don’t be tied to the idea that the only option is to make money selling on Amazon. As you can tell by this list, there are extensive options that have nothing to do with selling products. However, on the flip side, if you make money selling on Amazon it’s one of the best money-making options available to you.