Best Amazon Review Checkers

Customer satisfaction plays a very vital role in the success of any business. Similarly, as a seller on Amazon, it is very important that you

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Customer satisfaction plays a very vital role in the success of any business. Similarly, as a seller on Amazon, it is very important that you know what your buyers want and what they dislike about your product so that you can improve your product, satisfy your customers and maintain a solid reputation on Amazon.

In this article, we have discussed some of the most useful review checkers that show you how to check amazon reviews.

What is the Purpose of Amazon Review Checker?

Most of the online buyers check out reviews of a product before purchasing it, which means product reviews have a huge impact on increasing or decreasing sales. To be aware of what buyers are saying about your product, you must regularly monitor customer reviews on your product. This can be done easily through a review checker.

Amazon reviews checker is a very useful tool and its purpose is to track customer reviews on your product especially negative ones and it also helps in spotting fake negative reviews that your competitors might have left on your product.

Top 3 Amazon Review Checkers

There are many Amazon fake review checkers available in the market. Below, we have mentioned some of the best Amazon review checkers and fake review spotters that can help you resolve issues related to your product and improve your reputation.

1. Fakespot Fake Review Spot

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Since it is very difficult for a human to read thousands of reviews daily and filter out the negative and fake ones, Fakespot has developed a technology that provides accurate results within seconds.

Fakespot is a very efficient fake review spotter as it scans a large set of reviews and displays every single negative or a fake review on your product. It uses advanced algorithms to make sure every unreliable review is flagged.

The best thing about this amazing amazon fake review checker is that it is free and extremely easy to use. To spot suspicious reviews, all you have to do is go to their website and enter the URL of the product you want to analyze, and this tool will display results immediately. It also tells the number of high-quality reviews and the total number of reviews on the product.

2. ProductReviewMonitoring

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ProductReviewMonitoring is a review checker amazon that makes the process of tracking reviews and answering them very easy. This review checker analyzes the product reviews in detail and lets you resolve all the issues that customers have with your product by answering the questions related to the performance of the product. This is a paid tool, however, a free trial of this tool can be used for 90 days.

3. AMZ Reviews Tracker

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AMZ Reviews Tracker is another great Amazon review checker that allows you to monitor the negative reviews on your product and respond to the unhappy and unsatisfied buyers. It also helps you improve your product ratings.

This tool notifies you whenever a customer leaves a review with a rating between 1 to 4 so that you can respond to them immediately and work on the issues related to the product. AMZ Reviews Tracker is one of the most reliable Amazon review checkers.

Concluding Words

Manually keeping track of what customers are saying about a product is quite difficult. So, a fake review finder or Amazon review checker is a must-have tool for Amazon sellers as it helps them improve their ratings. These tools help you check reviews amazon and also let the sellers respond to their unsatisfied buyers and work on their issues.


Q: How can I figure out if a review on Amazon is fake or genuine?

A: You can use Amazon fake review checker which spots all the reviews that are suspicious.

Q: Are all the reviews on Amazon genuine?

A: No. In fact, there are thousands of fake reviews on Amazon, which is why it is very important to use amazon review checker tools.