Viral Launch Review

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers with more than 100 million products. In such a marketplace, it can be quite difficult to find a

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers with more than 100 million products. In such a marketplace, it can be quite difficult to find a niche/product with low competition and the potential to generate high profits. However, tools such as Viral-launch can make this process very simple and easy. Viral Launch is one of the best amazon product research tools that provide very important market and product information so you can choose the best product to sell.

In this article, we bring you a detailed viral launch review including viral launch prices and viral launch cost.

viral launch packages

What is Viral Launch?

Viral launch is an outstanding amazon tool that offers tools such as viral launch market intelligence, viral launch product discovery, etc. through which sellers can analyze the amazon market efficiently and find the best products to sell. Whether you want to track your competitors’ activity or optimize your product listing, viral launch helps you with everything.

Viral launch is available as a web-app and viral launch chrome extension. The web-app is more complex and consists of tools for more advanced analysis whereas viral launch extension provides a quick way of evaluating a product by estimating important statistics like monthly sales and revenues etc.

Viral Launch Pricing

Viral launch packages have different costs depending on the features they offer. Viral launch offers 4 packages. The beginner package is available for $42/month while the pro plan can be purchased for $71/month.

The brand builder and kinetic packages have more advanced features for established sellers and they cost $106 and $166 per month respectively. Viral launch free trial is also available. To use the free trial you have to make an account on Viral Launch.

Viral Launch Features

Viral launch’s tools and solutions are of great help for both beginners and experienced sellers.

Viral launch product discovery

Viral launch product discovery is one of the best tools offered by viral launch. This tool lets the seller find products with high demand and hence, the potential to generate more sales. 

It lets you evaluate the product competition and calculates the profit margins for you. What’s more, it also tells no. of reviews, sales volume and ratings.This tool uses data of millions of Amazon products and displays the most accurate results.

Kinetic PPC

This tool lets you automate your amazon PPC process. It allows you to create easy rules and give you access to detailed data so that you can evaluate your campaign more efficiently and earn more profit.

Viral Launch Keyword Research

This keyword tool allows the seller to optimize their product listing perfectly by helping them find the most relevant and accurate keywords. It examines thousands of products and shows the keywords people are actually searching for. This tool uses a powerful AI system for analyzing the products deeply. Not to mention, it updates data regularly to provide you the most accurate results.

Viral launch market intelligence

Viral launch market intelligence is another amazing tool by viral launch. It lets you know about the latest amazon market trends by using real-time data. Through this tool, you can see historical trends, estimated profits, and sales.

Viral launch competitor intelligence

This tool lets you keep a close eye on your competitors by helping you monitor their performance. You can know about competitors’ keywords through this tool.


Q: Is Viral launch a good tool?

A: Yes, it is a great tool for Amazon FBA sellers as it lets you optimize your listings by finding the most searched keywords and finds the best products to sell. You can also spy on your competitors through Viral launch.

Q: Is viral launch free?

A: Viral launch has 4 subscription plans each with different prices. However, it also offers a free trial.